Testimonials from William Mattar Employees

Read testimonials from employees to see why William Mattar was voted one of the Best Companies to Work For in New York 3 years in a row.

“The atmosphere is friendly and family oriented making it a comfortable place to work.”
– Jordan, Pre-Litigation

“The firm offers generous paid time off, which helps a lot with the work/life balance. Also, no work day is ever the same so I never feel like I am stuck in a routine.”
– Cassi, Pre-Litigation

“I like the fact that the firm is based around helping others. A lot of people do not know what to do after an accident, our vision is to comfort them and treat them like the family we love.”
Lora, Litigation

“The focus of the firm is outstanding. I find it very rewarding to help people who need help after an accident.”
– Tressa, Pre-Litigation

“When I started, I wasn’t aware of the sense of teamwork and camaraderie at William Mattar. People are surprised to hear about the great work/life balance and the help that I get from my department as a whole. We all work towards the common good of the client and each other.”
Nicole, Pre-Litigation

“The most interesting thing is working with the attorneys and learning from them as they help people get through the process. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, then this would be a perfect place to apply to.”
Cathy, Pre-Litigation

“The company really cares about the employees and provides all the tools to succeed. William Mattar offers excellent training and treats employees well with great benefits, such as generous PTO.”
– Matthew, Accounting

“The culture is very supportive here. The firm wants you to have a work/life balance and the generous vacation is an incredible benefit. The vision of the firm is continuously evolving and it is easy to see the amount of thought and effort put into it.”
Dawn, Operations

“Working here is very family oriented. You get to speak to Mr. Mattar in person and he goes out of his way to make people happy and comfortable. Getting generous PTO that would take years to accrue in other places means I was comfortable asking for time off when my daughter was born.”

– Samara, Pre-Litigation

“We have great ways to boost morale with our committees. Management is so flexible with being understanding – be it taking care of your family, pet, or any other emergencies. I am very proud of being part of a company whose vision is helping people and I do everything I can so we can achieve that.”
– Nikki, Litigation

“Being a team player is important – you get to enjoy interacting with other people while getting your work done. The most interesting thing is connecting to different kinds of people – from clients to police departments, to hospitals.”
– Arianna, Pre-Litigation

“I am very independent with my workload. You don’t have a person standing over you and can decide what to do when based on priorities. The different types of cases and people make it interesting because you never know the next thing you will work on.”
– Stacy, Litigation

“Besides fair pay and benefits, I feel as if the president of this company is a great leader and values each and every one of us. He shows this in various ways.  Massage days, in-office pedicures, lunches with him to get to know us each personally since he does not work with us all on a daily basis.  It is difficult to find this in a president especially as a company grows.”

“Our company values, as well as the benefits package. I have to say the overall attitude of everyone here. Everyone is really very nice, and they have a genuine, positive, patient attitude. I also think the fact that our President meets with us a couple of times a week, and is present with his employees says a lot about not only him, but our firm. Many people work for presidents and CEOs of companies, that they have never even seen, or met.”

“Good work and home life balance. Also, enjoy the different committees that plan firm events and support wellness in the office.”

“So many different career paths and departments, and room for advancement.”

“The atmosphere is friendly and fun and the work is always exciting.”

“Benefits are great. Everyone is friendly and kind. They also make you feel very welcome!”

“It offers a very good culture of values that fit with our mission to our clients, and tries to ensure that employees are treated well and with respect.”

“Work/life balance is important to the firm and the generous PTO helps employees to achieve this.”