Testimonials from William Mattar Employees

“Besides fair pay and benefits, I feel as if the president of this company is a great leader and values each and every one of us. He shows this in various ways.  Massage days, and in office pedicures, lunches with him to get to know us each personally since he does not work with us all on a daily basis.  It is difficult to find this in a president especially as a company grows.”

“Our company values, as well as the benefit package. I have to say the overall attitude of everyone here. Everyone is really very nice, and they have a genuine, positive, patient attitude. I also think the fact that our President meets with us a couple of times a week, and is present with his employees says a lot about not only him, but our firm. A lot of people work for presidents and CEOs of companies, that they have never even seen, or met.”

“Good work and home life balance. Also enjoy the different committees that plan firm events and support wellness in the office.”

“So many different career paths and departments, and room for advancement.”

“The atmosphere is friendly and fun and the work is always exciting.”

“Benefits are great. Everyone is friendly and kind. They also make you feel very welcome!”

“It offers a very good culture of values that fits with our mission to our clients, and tries to ensure that employees are treated well and with respect.”